Iglooghost Live A/V

Iglooghost Live A/V

Brainfeeder. UK

Only 20 years old, Seamus Malliagh (a.k.a Iglooghost) must be one of the youngest and most imaginative producers on our radars. Ever since he was 17, Malliagh been releasing music, much of it through it is own Bandcamp page or through one of several imprints, including Error BroadcastActivia Benz and Flying Lotus‘ illustrious Brainfeeder. It was through the latter that he released his Chinese Nü Yr EP in 2015, a frantic, brisk, grime-infused debut that was accompanied by the chimerical phantasy of a gooey worm-like creature and his witch hat named xiāngjiāo. 

Three more releases further down and Malliagh has captured the imagination of the worldwide electronic music community for his both sound and utterly bizarre visual aesthetic.

Steel Mogu and Clear Tamei are Iglooghost’s back-to-back follow ups to his acclaimed full-length debut Neō Wax Bloom. As ever, the releases are bundled with multimedia storyline material that feed into Iglooghost’s ever-expanding narrative – giving longtime fans their first glimpse into the primordial era of the Mamu dimension. Although paired in format, the dual EPs draw from different corners of Igloo’s influences. Steel Mogu is a hyperspeed collage of synthetic, trance-influenced synths contorting around violent, mutating 808s – whilst Clear Tamei channels lavish string quartets and melancholic, fictional classical instruments. 

The double features are set in Mamu, 3000 years prior to the events of ‘Neō Wax Bloom.’ We are introduced to a young, see-through, god in-training named Tamei. Although a gifted, he and his little cohorts resent their fate of becoming Grid Göds – and find themselves wound up in a hyperspeed, cross-temporal battle with a fleet of mysterious, round beings.

The newest signee to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder imprint is the remarkable and wildly imaginative 18 year old producer Seamus Malliagh (a.k.a. Iglooghost). Born in Ireland and based somewhere in the UK, Malliagh has previously released music via Error Broadcast, and has just put out his track “Saturn Rice” on Fly High Society’s Spacebus Vol. 1, a track that we featured in our download section just last week (download link below). Now, this youngblood is set to join the ranks of Brainfeeder, a label which has represented some of electronic music’s heaviest hitters like LapaluxMartynTeebsMONO/POLYRas_G, and Mr. Oizo.





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