Arandel: InBach Live

Infiné – Fr

At next L.E.V., Arandel will premiere his new album InBach, the first volume of a collaboration between the label InFiné and the Musée de la musique de la Philharmonie de Paris: a collection of recordings made with the precious instruments of the Museum. A personal look of this producer and musician from Paris at the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, experimenting with old and current sounds, which rub and meet. 

For this adventure, Arandel surrounded himself with exceptional artists from classical and contemporary music, such as Gaspar Claus, Petra Haden, Ben Shemie, Sébastien Roué, Barbara Carlotti, Emmanuelle Parrenin,
Vanessa Wagner, Wilhem Latchoumia, Areski, or Thomas Bloch.




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