Atari Teenage Riot

Atari Teenage Riot

Digital Hardcore – De

The most radical side of digital culture comes to L.E.V. thanks to this legendary band. Their overwhelming energy onstage, created with their Atari 1040ST computer, is unmatched by any other electronic project. With their hacker philosophy, they digitalized the old punk spirit, and many years later they are still breaking down barriers thanks their unique sound and discourse.

The band was born of Berlin’s hacker and anarchist techno scenes of the nineties, when Alec Empire created the digital hardcore sound, a blend of the most powerful elements of techno, punk and hip-hop, a trend that would spread all over the word.

When ATR released their album Burn Berlin Burn! through The Beastie Boys’ label, it sold so many copies in the United States that it reached gold status, while the German authorities banned the album as it supposedly posed a «possible threat to society».

After ATR split, Alec Empire kept on with his meteoric career as a solo artist, turning into one of the most versatile and renowned producers and creators of electronic music.

Around 2008, activists such as Anonymous or Wikileaks reclaimed ATR tracks as the soundtrack of the hacker movement that was born globally. Quite a right choice, taking into account that ATR’s lyrics in the nineties already talked about a dystopian future, with governments and corporations forming an alliance to create a society controlled through the use of technology.

In 2010 Atari Teenage Riot returns led by Alec Empire, more relevant than ever, with a growing base of young fans that add up to their die-hard followers. Atari Teenage Riot represents a failure in the system. Contemporary protest music for the Internet age, with one of the most powerful live shows of modern electronica.



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