Lucie Antunes

Lucie Antunes: Sergeï Live

Crybaby / Infiné – Fr

Lucie Antunes, percussionist and drummer, with a solid classic and contemporary training, finds her inspiration in the pioneers of minimalism. However, her unique ways of understanding music sets her far from academic stiffness, as she is constantly searching for new sounds. Since 2015, she is focused on the creation of electro-acoustic pieces, and she showcases them in her eclectic live shows, where she displays all her versatility as a multidisciplinary artist, halfway between the electronic and the organic, in a constant collaboration with choreographers, musicians and performers.

In Gijón, the French artist will play Sergei, her most recent work, released by InFiné and Crybaby. A work that reveals her particular take on dance music: instrumental, percussive creations which conform a whole sonic labyrinth made with vibraphones, marimbas, drums, modulars, tubular bells, vocals, chimes, celesta and Martenot waves. A highly unconventional instrumentation, which Lucie and her accompanying musicians play live masterfully, and in such an stylized and visual way that it is impossible to keep our eyes off the stage.