Maxwell Sterling

Maxwell Sterling

The Death Of Rave / Ecstatic Recordings_Uk

Maxwell Sterling is a composer and artist whose music is an ongoing investigation of time, repetition, geography and the human condition.
Following the success of his debut record Hollywood Medieval, (The Death Of Rave, 2017), he has signed to Warp Publishing and will be releasing his 2nd LP (a collection of sonic works) Laced With Rumour: Loud-Speaker Of Truth on Ecstatic Recordings, March 2020.
Creating a fluid continuum between double bass, modular synthesis and digital processing, Maxwell deliberately blurs the timbral boundaries between acoustic and synthetic, real and unreal. Exploiting the full tessitura of the double bass, Maxwell taps into the instruments affective potential.

Maxwell’s interest in narrative has seen him work as a film composer on over 30 films, as well as collaborating with visual artists such as Tai Shani, Friedrich Kunath and Linder. He has also created music for fashion labels, such as Christopher Shannon, Louise Gray, Helmut Lang and Longchamp.
As a producer and performer, Maxwell has worked with the likes of Neneh Cherry, Leslie Winer, IVVVO, Kenichi Iwasa and Rabit.

For this live performance at L.E.V, Maxwell will presenting a new body of work focussed around the double bass, modular synthesis and feedback networks. Taking themes from his record Hollywood Medieval and his upcoming 2020 releases, he will reimagine them with new orchestration, timbres and counterpoint. A focus on cyclical form and time is at the heart of this work; observing the symbiosis between human and machine based repetition.



Botanic Garden

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