No doubt Tom Jenkinson is a highly influential artist, a leading figure that managed to create a sound world of his own. A member of the legendary Warp label (which celebrated its thirtieth birthday last year), the English artist and producer kicks off 2020 with a long-awaited album: Be Up A Hello.

After a five-year hiatus since the release of his last album Damogen Furies (2015), Squarepusher goes back on the road with his new project. He will headline the new L.E.V. Festival line up in Gijón with an audiovisual live show.

While in Damogen Furies the tool mostly used by Jenkinson was a state-of-the-art software developed after fifteen years of work, in Be Up A Hello he returns to his arsenal of analog hardware and digital vintage (analog synths, vintage effects units and a Commodore Vic-20).

However, the artist uses these old tools with a new approach, not compromising his groundbreaking and experimental side, in order to reinterpret and renovate that first and personal Squarepusher sound from twenty-five years ago.

In words of Tom Jenkinson: «Whilst analogue sounds can be clichéd, if you look at the processes that generate them analytically, there are still ways you can create new sonic palates.»



La Nave

Friday 1.05.2020

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