Biosphere & Initi

Biosphere & Initi

An exclusive performance of the Norwegian ambient music legend Biosphere happened to be the top performance of this year’s festival Spectaculare. The performance was in an unusual space, Prague’s Planetarium (Czech Rep.), complemented by full dome projections created in 8K by Creative Platform for Audio-Visual Research INITI.

This one hour long performance built on Biosphere’s albums Patashnik, Cirque and Substarta, arrives now at Planet LEV. Music production with the visual component merged into one complex experience.


Music: Geir Jenssen / BIOSPHERE
Visuals: Dan Gregor, Dalibor Cée / INITI
Production: Josef Sedloň

The Installation Circuit may be visited online: or using Virtual Reality glasses at Plató de Cineteca.



Plató de Cineteca

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