Planet LEV Matadero

Planet LEV Matadero. Exploraciones Digitales

L.E.V. Matadero will have a big, immersive and collaborative virtual stage. Planet LEV is a recently created artistic experience, available both in virtual reality and for web browsers, a dreamlike universe featuring animated sculptures, sound installations, concerts and audiovisual live shows from artists all over the world, some of them in real time.

Created by Children of Cyberspace and produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V, the project Planet LEV was born during lockdown in order to turn these challenging times for culture into a chance to experiment with new formats.

This parallel universe is a chance to create new formats and to experiment with digital art, and it’s a new example of how Matadero supports the production and presentation of audiovisual experiments by national and international artists such as Biosphere & Initi, Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, MSHR, Elías Merino & Sergio Millan, NPVR (Nik Void & Peter Rehgber), Boris Divider, Sabrina Ratte, Meuko Meuko!, Arcanoid, Naxs Corp, and .tape.

Children of Cyberspace

Calin Segal, Tiffany Attali, Eleonore Audi & Codin Segal

Children of Cyberspace (CC) is a techno-utopian universe brought online in confinement as an extension of the physical world. What started as an empty universe grew into a digital playground for artists from around the world to come together and test new ideas. The collective behind CC is composed of architects, programmers, graphic designers and game developers that see themselves as Digital Scenographers.

Their romantic view of technology is an echo of the digital utopists of the past. Their process combines an acute approach to virtual spatial design with contemporary theories of user perception. Building on the constructive and chaotic energy of the internet, Children of Cyberspace strive to create creative realms for artists to express themselves freely.


Produced by Matadero Madrid and LEV

Curation: LEV Festival

Coordination: Jesús Jara

Project development: Children Of Cyberspace

Virtual Scenography: Calin Segal & Eleonore Audi

Animation: Tiffany Attali

Software development : Codin Segal

External partners

Sound design : Okkre

Network & system engineer : Camil Blanru

Live stream development : Jorge Cano & Edu Moriana

Multiplayer : Daniel Romero


Special thanks to Nacho wuau for space and hardware support.

To enjoy AV live shows and sound experiments, visit this virtual world:

The Installation Circuit may be visited online: or using Virtual Reality glasses at Plató de Cineteca.

Virtual Reality activities are not recommended for children under 13

Please arrive ten minutes in advance.



Plató de Cineteca

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