Sigur Rós / Magic Leap

Sigur Rós / Magic Leap

Tónandi, which translates to sound spirit in Icelandic, is an interactive audio-visual exploration of the music and spirit of Sigur Rós. A new reality created by Magic Leap Studios in collaboration with the band that manifests the DNA of their internationally known signature sound.

On the journey into the three thematic worlds of Tónandi, you will encounter a variety of creatures which form a dynamic, musical soundscape. Each species will unveil their unique musical patterns and properties through simple, natural interactions from your fingertips. You may find vegetation growing up walls, or a flock of birds struggling to fly within a confined space. Each playthrough and experience will be unique in its own way.

The aim of the artistic team was to design an immersive experience that goes beyond the technology and touches the user on an instinctive and emotional level, where the world of Tónandi meshes with their own individual environment. In this magical space they can exist in harmony with this new universe and merge with the music of Sigur Rós in a way that has never been possible before.


Director: Sigur Rós, Sarah Hopper, Mike Tucker, Steve Mangiat
Production: Magic Leap Studios (Rebecca Barkin, Elisabeth Gonzalez), Dan Lehrich, Bryan Jury
Running Time: 30’
Country: USA, Iceland
Music: Sigur Rós
Music Director: Paul Corley
Lead engineer: John Cannon
Field recordings: Chris Watson
Development support: Russel Dumornay
Additional music production: Kjartan Holm
Additional concept art: Nick Sheehy

Virtual Reality activities are not recommended for children under 13.

Please arrive ten minutes in advance.