Online AV Live Show: Okkre + Children of Cyberspace

OKKRE & Children of Cyberspace

Online streaming

Asturian producer Okkre returns to L.E.V. Festival with the presentation of the work she has developed as a sound designer for one of the festival’s latest projects: Planet LEV, an immersive artistic experience created by Children of Cyberspace and co-produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V.

The creator of the soundscape of this virtual planet, traced through the interaction of different elements such as the sound of Asturian landscapes, original recordings of space captured by the NASA, as well as the LEV Festival’s own imaginary, will take us on an audiovisual journey through a live performance that will be broadcasted from Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, accompanied by a visual tour of the planet’s nature made especially for the occasion by Children of Cyberspace.

Online streaming at:

Youtube LEV Festival

December 23rd, 9 pm.

About Okkre:

After the pseudonym Okkre we find Asturian producer Uge Pañeda. “Sound worker” and psychologist, these two professional sides have turned her relationship to sound into a constant exploration of human perception. Over the last few years, she has been expressing her work intertwining different artistic disciplines as part of her own evolution. Music, dance, theater, literature or cinema have led her to publish on labels such as Editions Mego, Eotrax or Modern Obscure Music, collaborate in publications and soundtracks with artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arca, Fennesz or Kyoka, among many others, and perform at festivals such as Sónar, Berlin Atonal or Mutek MX.

About Children of Cyberspace:

Calin Segal, Tiffany Attali, Eleonore Audi & Codin Segal

Children of Cyberspace (CC) is a techno-utopian universe brought online in confinement as an extension of the physical world. What started as an empty universe grew into a digital playground for artists from around the world to come together and test new ideas. The collective behind CC is composed of architects, programmers, graphic designers and game developers that see themselves as Digital Scenographers.

Their romantic view of technology is an echo of the digital utopists of the past. Their process combines an acute approach to virtual spatial design with contemporary theories of user perception. Building on the constructive and chaotic energy of the internet, Children of Cyberspace strive to create creative realms for artists to express themselves freely.