World Online Premiere: ALMA

World Online Premiere: ALMA for L.E.V. Festival

LEV XRmass presents the world online premiere of a new and astonishing live show by A-L-M-A, project by Pedro Pablo Bazán (Gijón), recorded exclusively for L.E.V. Festival from Teatro de la Laboral in collaboration with Oficina de Juventud (Ayuntamiento de Gijón/Xixón).

In November 2019, Grabaciones Perdidas (Gran Sol) released his first album, Invierno Totalitario. It was recorded at different locations in Gijón during an extensive period of time, composing and recording tracks at the same time with the collaboration of various artists and musicians from Asturias. The final mix was made by Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten) at his own Studio 65 in Berlin.

Because of the author’s position against intellectual property and his desire to create a transforming tool, the album has been released without any kind of copyright to favor its free distribution. And this is because the project is based on a series of solid principles, and has very well defined goals. If we are hibernating through a long, totalitarian winter, A-L-M-A’s mission is to wake us up. And the ultimate goal is the total work of art: Revolution.

A-L-M-A was born some years ago as a need to act against the social and cultural environment that surrounds us, to proclaim itself a tool of subversive anti-art, searching for beauty amidst the horrors of everyday life. For A-L-M-A, poetry and music are the same: the finest art par excellence. As life, poetry knows no thematic boundaries.

With references such as John Cage, Pauline Oliveiros, New York «no wave», or punk’s «do it yourself», A-L-M-A speaks: «We have used different techniques to write this album; from the surrealists’ “exquisite corpse” to automatic writing, collage, “stream of consciousness”, detournement, cut-up, deep listening, chance, improvisation…»

A-L-M-A will be at LEV XRmass with a live performance featuring Raúl T. Andrés laying down and remixing the album beats in real time, plus Pedro Pablo Bazán on the feedback-controlled mixing desk, providing vocals and electric guitar. With a show design inspired by Antonin Artaud’s «Theatre of Cruelty», A-L-M-A’s shows are: «A ceremonial experience which aims to free our human’s subconscious and expose ourselves to social conscience», where lights and scenography play a role as important as music itself.

Throughout the tracks of this album, A-L-M-A shows us the cruelty of everyday life, a true “slap in the face of the audience”, in order to shake us, wake us up and invite us to their impassioned and convulsive conception of life.

Online from Youtube

December 22nd, 21 pm.