Left / Right

Move faster

Fly up
keep space bar pressed

Fly down

Plant a tree
on the desert

How to navigate in Planet Lev using your computer keyboard

360° sound experience
we recommend to use headphones

Available soon on STEAM

Planet LEV Matadero is optimised only for Chrome and Firefox web browsers.
You need to click on “allow” to play sounds, then the web version takes between one to two minutes to download with regular home fiber connections. Available soon on Steam.

Planet LEV is a world born in the nebulas of cyberspace. Built of vertices and quads, it was shaped in millions of cycles out of pure terrain data to resemble the world you see today. The dominant species of this planet are the Nimis, sentient beings that are the most renown collectors in cyberspace. Their love for arts has made them dedicate their whole planet to the beauty of creative expression.  
As you walk along the horreo habilis, the homes of Nimis, you might catch the giant in action, pass through digital storms, wander in biodomes, or find other artworks until you lose yourself in the canyons. One last piece of advice: beware of the diva trees, they tend to have strong attitudes. 


At the core of this planet lies a temple, dedicated to AV performances, whose dome rests half buried amidst the stones. On its walls, artists project live performances while the sounds of their electronic music resonate all the way to the surface, making the whole atmosphere vibrate to those rhythms.
When you decide to end your journey, don’t forget to pass by the desert to leave your trace and plant a tree that will stay until the last cycle of the planet.

Planet LEV Matadero is an immersive art experience created by the Children of Cyberspace and produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V. Festival. Available in both Virtual Reality and on Web browsers. This dream-like universe hosts animated sculptures with sound installations, as well as concerts and live audio-visual performances of artists from all around the world. The whole Planet LEV is an immersive stage, where those happenings are taking place in real time. The virtual scenery has been inspired by the Asturian landscape, home of the LEV Festival.


Spin. Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez.
Heterotopies. Elías Merino & Sergio Millán
Concentric Core Reflector. MSHR
Tentacle Queen. Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones
Monades. Sabrina Ratté
Ghost Island : Innervision. NAXS corp. & Meuko Meuko!


26.09.2020 – Fractal Fantasy: Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones. dreamRooms();
25.09.2020 – NPVR. Nik Void & Peter Rehhberg
24.09.2020 – Arcanoid. ECOSISTEMA
25.09.2020 – Meuko! Meuko! & Naxs Corp. GHOST ISLAND: INNERVISION
26.09.2020 – Boris Divider. SPHERAL.DOME
27.09.2020 – dot tape dot LIKE A BUNCH OF FIREFLIES

If you experience difficulties when downloading Planet LEV Matadero or by installing the available builds, please, contact the developer team at:


Co-production : Matadero Madrid and L.E.V. Festival
Curation : LEV Festival
Coordination : Jesús Jara
Project development : Children Of Cyberspace
Virtual Scenography : Calin Segal & Eleonore Audi
Animation : Tiffany Attali
Software development : Codin Segal

External partners
Sound design : Okkre
Network & system engineer : Camil Blanru
Live stream dev. : Jorge Cano & Edu Moriana
Multiplayer : Daniel Romero
Special thanks to Nacho wuau for space and
hardware support.