September 23
Nave 16. Matadero

Rapper and multidisciplinary artist Blackhaine, one of the fiercest incarnations of British counterculture, will bring to Nave 16 his forceful sound of noise and drill, with a performance in which we will be able to listen to songs from his recently released album Armour II, produced together with Rainy Miller. A sonic fiction revolving visceral reflections on a slow motion car crash, built with a refined arsenal of narrative devices, amplified in effect by astonishingly inventive sound design.

With its origins in the static anxiety of 2020, their output focuses on the ‘transition from stomach knotted dread to exhaustive, prang-out negative ecstasy’. A political act – the live show contains deconstructions of their existing sounds and future releases whilst experimenting with genre convention ranging from ambience to hardcore punk.