Matadero Madrid

L.E.V. Matadero will take place at the Center of Contemporary Creations Matadero Madrid.

Sponsored by the Government Culture and Sports Area of Madrid City Council, Matadero was opened to the public in 2007. Located in the city’s old slaughterhouse and cattle market, it is a space with a great heritage and architectural value, with a strong personality and a landmark for all the citizens.

Matadero Madrid is a center for cultural creation and production, open to all kinds of artistic expression and research: visual, scenic and performative arts, design, literature, digital culture, architecture and many other creative practices. 

Matadero Map:

Matadero Madrid
Paseo de la Chopera no 14
28045 Madrid

Cineteca Madrid

Dedicated to audiovisual creations, Cineteca is a pioneering complex in Spain, both for its contents and its architecture. Its 2688 m2 preserve the existing spatial structure and are distributed in five spaces: two cinemas, a set, an archive, a canteen and a terrace.

Cineteca will host along 4 days works in the crossroads of cinema, arts and technology, gaming and electronic creations, all distributed in different spaces.

Plaza Matadero

There are not only singular buildings inside Matadero Madrid. The spaces among the warehouses work as a big meeting point at the Center of Contemporary Creations, due to their dimensions and urban quality, and they can hold big open air events. They are two public access spaces that articulate the distribution of the different institutions which live together in Matadero, and they can be accessed through several points: Plaza de Legazpi, Paseo de la Chopera, Junta de Arganzuela and Madrid Río.

The outdoor program will takes places in Plaza Matadero, October 19 and 20.