Bliss Signal

Bliss Signal

True Panther Sounds x Profound Lore Records. UK

BLISS SIGNAL is a new metal project between James Kelly (Wife, Altar of Plagues) and UK DJ / Producer Jack Adams (Mumdance). Their eponymous debut album, out September 28th on True Panther Sounds/Profound Lore, is the stunning result of an unlikely partnership soldering an even more unlikely melange of sounds.

BLISS SIGNAL takes the frenzy and repetition of body-focused electronic music and pairs it with extreme metal’s core elements, resulting in a visceral, often hypnotic, hybrid that belongs neither on a dance floor nor in a mosh pit. Awash in ethereal textures, blast beats are simulated by drum machines while synths soar over heavily distorted shredding guitar.

Throughout the album’s 8 tracks, Adams and Kelly trace a line between blackened metal, driving electronic rhythms and ethereal atmospherics. The result finds a common ground in the intensity of these sounds and how they affect the body.

Beginning as a handful of fruitful writing sessions between Kelly and Adams, in preparation for a live debut at Unsound Krakow 2017, the scope of the project quickly expanded. The ‘Bliss Signal’ album was completed in Spring 2018 with tracking, overdubs and mixing done at Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez-Arellano (Paradise Lost, Sunn O))), Ghost, Cathedral), followed by mastering at London’s Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Radiohead, Bjork).





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