Colin Self

Colin Self


Siblings (Elation VI) is Self’s second record release and his first project with RVNG Intl.

Siblings proposes an alternative means of relation, interfacing with biological and technological software. As the final chapter of the speculative sci-fi operetta Elation series, Siblings has been performed iteratively and internationally with humor, drama, and fierce, earnest song.

As Donna Haraway, the science and technology studies theorist and inspiration has written, Self follows in her commitment “to the finicky, disruptive details of good stories that don’t know how to finish.”

Colin Self is an artist and composer from the Pacific Northwest and based in Berlin, Germany.

He creates music, performances, and environments as devices for making trouble and altering boundaries of perception. From his formative years experiencing Riot Grrrl shows in Oregon, Self refreshes the DIY ethos to a space of Do-It-Together.

His portfolio of projects spans a DIS Magazine boy band and a drag ensemble Chez Deep to the Holly Herndon A/V Trio that toured with Radiohead in 2016. Self co-wrote the operetta, The Fool (Elation V), with Whitney Biennial 2017 artist, Raul De Nieves, which was presented at The Kitchen NYC last year. In addition to these special happenings, Self runs Xhoir: non-utilitarian vocal workshops for group singing and listening



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