Jailed Jamie

Jailed Jamie


Jailed Jamie is Jaime Tellado’s new project (aka Skygaze). Architect by profession, he has been an active part of the Spanish underground scene for last five years, he has acted throughout the peninsula and has participated in unavoidable events within the calendar of festivals such as Sonar, L.E.V. or Mira.

With Jailed Jamie the Asturian producer’s intention was at first to compile all the production that did not fit into the editorial line of skygaze, but which he used in some of his concerts as “songs – tools” to establish a greater connection with the public and share its most raw and direct facet. A project whose main nature is dance, but retaining the compositional complexity, broken rhythm and a certain degree of preciosity.

His first reference (jailed jamie, rave tools, self-published, 2019) is an updated tribute to the second summer of love, a review of the concept “Rave”, expanded and defined by a cocktail of genres and influences (it could not be in other way).

Processed classic breaks, glitches, narcotic atmospheres, dense atmospheres, typical stabsl from the classic UK hardcore, fat bass or acid progressions are some of the ingredients of the new project of the Asturian producer whose presentation is reserved for the lev festival this year.



Muséu del Pueblu d’Asturies

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