Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates


Oliver Coates is a cellist and producer from London. His concerts and records move through different arenas of music. His releases include a solo electronic dance record, Upstepping, on PRAH, a record of improvisations, Remain Calm, with Mica Levi on Slip, and a recording of John Luther Adams’ Canticles of the Sky on RVNG Intl. His most recent solo record is Shelley’s on Zenn-La, also on RVNG Intl.

For many years he has collaborated with the visual artist Lawrence Lek, for whom he scored the award-winning video pieces Unreal Estate and QE3. He conceived and programmed the Southbank Centre’s first DEEP∞MINIMALISM festival in 2016, which featured Pauline Oliveros’ last public Tuning Meditation.

He has performed with Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Jonny Greenwood, Mica Levi and Actress, and is currently working with Laurie Spiegel and John Luther Adams. He has appeared at festivals including Big Ears (US), Documenta (GR), OFF (PL), Rewire and Le Guess Who (NL), Bad Bonn Kilbi (CH), Borealis (NO), Semibreve (PT), and Green Man, Latitude, Glasgow International and the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (UK) and has performed cello concertos across Europe and the Far East. In 2017 he supported Radiohead at Old Trafford Cricket Ground and in 2018 he supported Thom Yorke across Europe and the US.

He has been artist in residence at Southbank Centre and last year composed a full-length concert work for strings and pre-recorded sound for theatre performance, Shorelines, based on the North Sea Flood of 1953.



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