Overmono Live

XL / Polykicks. UK

Under their respective artist names Truss and Tessela, brothers Tom and Ed Russell have forged formidable individual reputations as producers. Defining tracks such as Truss’ ‘Beacon’ and Tessela’s ‘Hackney Parrot’ for the likes of R&S and their own Poly Kicks label, have encapsulated so much of what is exciting and vital in UK underground, electronic music.

Their collaborative project Overmono, saw Tom and Ed come together on record for the very first time, with the duo releasing the Arla EP Trilogy through XL Recordings.

In their own words…

“Despite doing some live shows together and the fact that we’re brothers, we hadn’t ever really written music together and wanted to start something new. We decided to head to a remote cottage in rural Wales, near to where we grew up. The trip ended up being the most creative stint either of us had ever had and after a week we had the foundations for Overmono.”


The Arla Trilogy underscored Overmono as a fully formed musical project and with two videos created by collaborator and friend Weirdcore for tracks ‘Inulin’ and ‘Phase Magenta’, there is a cohesive aesthetic growing at a fast rate.

Alongside the Arla Trilogy, Overmono have also released a production mix of 100% of their own material called ‘Water The Planets’ which shows the full range of what a listener can expect from an Overmono composition.

Lastly – their acclaimed remix of Nathan Fake’s ‘Degreelessness’ has become one of the biggest dance records of the last year, having famously been the closing tune to Ben UFO’s now legendary Dekmantel closing set of 2017 

You can see Overmono performing Live or DJing at clubs and festivals around the world. Their DJ sets are more suited for clubs and any event dance music focused, whilst their live show is focused for more expansive, immersive and musical experiences.





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