Robin Fox: Single Origin

Robin Fox

Editions Mego!. AU

Single Origin is a new work by audio-visual artist Robin Fox; the third in his series of works for laser and sound that explore the possibilities of mechanically induced synaesthesia.

Beginning with Monochroma (2004) for a single green laser and developing into the stunning RGB Laser Show (2013) this new work sees significant development in the connection between the voltages that make sound and the voltages that cause the laser projector to describe the geometry of that sound. In previous works it was this relationship between sound and light that provided the basis for every moment of the show.

This new work allows space for separation. Renowned for making unique, expansive and intense sound worlds (see releases on Editions Mego among other labels) Fox blends his split A/V personality in Single Origin composing what is essentially a concerto for a laser beam.

The separated colour spectrum of the RGB show (where red, green and blue lasers were shot from separate projectors) is drawn together in a single RGB projector allowing for white laser light and all colour possibilities. This new audio-visual maelstrom from Australia’s leading AV artist needs to be seen to be believed.