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Hidden Jayeem


Hidden Jayeem, one of the most conceptual artists in electronic music, started his career with a single called “IF U TRUST ME”. There he explains that his previous alias JAYEEM went through a metaphorical artistic process, and that is how his hidden side came to light.

He released his “Anxxxiety” EP in 2018, which includes an amalgam of sounds that evokes the feelings more suffered and mentioned in our current society: anxiety, boredom, frustration, a constant fight against oneself.

Halfway between wave, Future Garage sounds and trancey arpeggios, hidden jayeem manages to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Between 2017 and 2019 he released several singles in the most important platforms, with international featurings like Ofdream, Stahl or Nevaeh. He also contributed to an EP by Spanish artist Skyhook, who also belongs to the Withered collective.

Recently, Hidden Jayeem has released the Mainline EP, a collaboration with London artist Bucky. It contains five tracks, one of them a remix of an original by the English artist. The EP brings us back to the first years of Future Garage, when club music started to sound less festive and more introspective.



Plaza Matadero

Saturday 19

Session 2

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