Your Spiritual Temple Sucks

Your Spiritual Temple Sucks. John Hsu

Mr. Chang arrives to his ‘Spiritual Temple’ in the afterworld, a place that represents one’s destiny. To solve his marital crisis and financial problems, he summons his guardian- The Thunder God, to modify the temple from the ground up. It turns out to be a big mistake…

Born in Taipei, 1981,
 John Hsu graduated with MFA from Radio-TV-Film department, Shih Hsin University. Always interested in digital culture, video games, comedy and sci-fi genres, he won the “Best Director Award” at Golden Bell Awards 2005, the biggest television award in Taiwan, with his TV movie debut “Real Online”. John was a member of Berlinale Talent Campus 2007 and also a Shopsteward of INPUT 2009. His previous short films have been selected at Rotterdam Film Festival is currently working on his first feature film. “Your Spiritual Temple Sucks” is his first VR project. Also one of the founders of AFK PL@YERS, the biggest machinima production group in Taiwan.


Producer | Estela Valdivieso Chen

Co-Producer| Pu Yuan Cheng

Director of Photography | Wayne Lo

Production Design | Liao Huei-li

Stylist | Esther Yang

Technical Team | Funique VR Studio

Audio Post Production | Aacross Studio

Original Score Composed and Produced by Owen Wang



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