Ciudad Aumentada

This new L.E.V. Matadero section will showcase different artistic experiences which use augmented reality, so that the audience may use their mobile phones to visualize the new layers of digital reality, increasingly present in our daily lives.

In this section there is also room for collective experiences such as ‘M.O.A (My Own Assistance) AR’. This interactive fiction in augmented reality is based on the book The Stealthies by Alain Damasio, which takes place in a 2040 dystopian reality. With this experience, the audience may walk around the locations of the novel and take part in the narrative using their mobile devices. This world premiere in collaboration with New Images Festival (Paris) and Bienal Chroniques (Aix en Provence & Marseille) has been developed by Marie Blondiaux and Charles Ayats, and produced by Red Corner.

Madrid artist Claudia Maté, one of the most internationally renowned net artists, will create specifically for L.E.V. Matadero a big size visual sculpture which reveals the artist’s personal references related to her home town. Using a free app for mobile devices, the audience may visualize a sculpture located in two different spaces, inside and outside the walls of Matadero Madrid. With this project, Matadero supports once more new works by Spanish artists that use day-to-day technology in a creative way.


Calle Matadero


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