Michaela Pnacekova & Jamie Balliu w/ Matthew Herbert

Michaela Pnacekova and Jamie Balliu w/ Matthew Herbert

Symphony of Noise VR is a story through sound. Put on a headset and embark on this immersive journey across an enticing surreal world where you will listen to your body and your everyday life like you have never done before, finding the music within.

This room-scale sonic single-user VR experience is inspired by Matthew Herbert’s book The Music, in which the artist and musician creates soundscapes by association in the mind of the reader. For Michaela Pnacekova and Jamie Balliu, virtual reality was the technology that could best translate Herbert’s vision to the end user. In this piece, his poetry becomes the introduction to a new world of sounds.

With Symphony of Noise VR, you will immerse yourself in a universe of exploration of sonic landscapes in high-end spatial sound design, where you can make, hear, see and feel sound in a completely new and striking way. Going through four surreal sceneries, the user interacts and creates sounds through their body via breathing, voice and movement, while discovering the world around one-self and within one-self, creating their own symphony of noise in the final part of the experience.

Listen intently… Can you already hear the world becoming music in your ears?

Michaela Pnacekova

Michaela Pnacekova is a Slovak interactive creator, producer and a PhD candidate at York University, Toronto. Her focus lies in the ways new media impact the real through interaction with algorithmic processes and artificial intelligence. Her first VR piece ​Symphony of Noise premiered at Reeperbahn Music Festival and IDFA Doc Lab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction 2019 and was listed as one of the best XR installations of 2019 according to Forbes magazine.

She co-produced the VR AI installation ​Chomsky vs. Chomsky:​ First Encounter, ​which premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2020. She is the author and producer of the interactive predictive policing app ​Pre-Crime Calculator.​ Since 2014, she has produced three feature length documentaries (​Border Cut, Waterproof, Scars) and two short fiction films, which have been shown internationally. She has received Special Mention at the Bosch Stiftung East European Co-Production Prize 2014, EWA Development Award 2017 and Golden Frog for Best Feminist Play in 2009.

Jamie Balliu

Jamie Balliu is a director and designer of i-docs and campaigns. He co-produced, designed and directed ‘The Brussels Business’ cross-media production 2013. He co-created the cross-media production and campaign for ‘A Good American’ (2016), along with producing all the CG Visualisations for the film – Executive Produced by Oliver Stone. His ‘We R Democracy’ won the award for the best cross-media project at Sunnyside and was in the official selection at Power to the Pixel. He has creatively led several campaigns for BBC, Channel 4 Music and MTV.


Author and Creative Director, Producer​: Michaela Pnacekova

Author and Co-Creative Director, Co-Producer​: Jamie Balliu

Producer​: Stefan Kloos

Visual and Technical Lead Unity​: Paul Kirsten
Composer, Interactive Music Developer:​ Phivos-Angelos Kollias

Additional Interactive Music Developer:​ Stephan Kloß
Unity Development and 3D Modelling​: prefrontal cortex

Line Producer​: Maria Shilik
Visual Artist and Developer: ​Tim Schuster
Text excerpts from ​”The Music” by Matthew Herbert

Produced by​: Kloos & Co Medien
Co-Produced by​: UPCreatives, Reeperbahn Festival, VRHam!

Supported by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Creative Europe MEDIA, Creative XR and Digital Catapult, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung

Virtual Reality activities are not recommended for children under 13.

Please arrive ten minutes in advance.



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