Julie Stephen Chheng

Uramado AR is an augmented reality treasure hunt for stunning creatures hiding in the city: the Tanukis. Created by Julie Stephen Chheng, this app-based experience invites us to interact with the location and find these forest spirits in order to discover who we truly are.

The Tanukis will be more or less hidden in different places of Matadero and its surroundings. When we find them, they will come to life and interact with us, asking questions and reacting to our answers. They will guide us through this adventure where we will question our own differences and our vision of the world in a playful and poetic way.

Julie Stephen Chheng uses the smartphone as a wonderful filter of the real world, connecting closely the space in which the actual objects are displayed and the virtual reality they propose. Just download the application to become suddenly immersed in this dream world that breathes a message of profund love and admiration for Nature.

Download instructions
• Download the free application :
Uramado AR, Tanukis awake, on iOS and Android

IOS: https://apple.co/33rCL9V

Android: https://bit.ly/33vzkiN

• Grant access to your device’s camera
• Aim your camera at the Tanukis and answer the questions
• At the end, you can activate “ record ” and “ selfie ” functions


Author, Illustrator and Director: Julie Stephen Chheng
Animation Director : Thomas Pons
Animator : Antoine Presles
Developer: Julien Hognon

Developed in Volumique Studio, Paris directed by Etienne Mineur
With the support of Villa Kujoyama, Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Digital Choc, French Institute and the Bettencourt Foundation