Qing Shao

Qing Shao

Black Bag is a VR film by Chinese director Qing Shao that uses abstract metaphor, combined with a unique hand-painted art style, to create an intense high-quality thriller.

In the film, ex-military security guard, Mr.S works for a bank and leads the life of a normal working-class man. He fantasises about a major heist, a dream that becomes reality when he finds and robs a mysterious black leather bag has been deposited into the bank vault. This unchains a series of events that lead Mr.S’ real world to peel away from him, arriving to a personal hell where all his past sins are playing on television screens.

Is this the fantasy of a moral man, or is the heist real?


Director: Qing Shao
Production: VRTIMES (Qing Shao)
Running Time: 12’
Country: China
Main Cast: Qing Shao
Screenplay: Qing Shao
Editor: Qing Shao
Music: Xing Yu Li
Sound: Wei Shao
Visual Effects: Da Wei Fang
Art director: Yu Ting Li, Qing Shao

Virtual Reality activities are not recommended for children under 13.

Please arrive ten minutes in advance.