Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror

Adrien M & Claire B

Escuela de Comercio / Espacio Joven
22 - 25 July

Prior registration closed. Free tickets available at Escuela de Comercio, depending on the slot and room capacity.

L.E.V. Festival and the Circuit of Artistic Proposals Arenas Movedizas present Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror, a pop-up book whose drawings and paper volumes are the décor of a story, only visible in augmented reality.

Looking through a tablet or a smartphone, the ten double-pages of the book Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror become the stage for a short dance performance – thanks to a custom-made augmented reality application. In a simple graphic stroke in black and white, ink drawings and white folded paper come together to reveal the virtual life of dancing miniature beings and their dive into the imaginary realms of water. The experience is at the crossroads of theatre, dance, comic book, animated film and “artsy” video game.

Designed, produced and edited by Adrien M & Claire B in 2019, Acqua Alta tells the story of a woman, a man, a house. A daily routine, absurd and filled with discrepancies. But one wet rainy day, their life is turned upside down: the rising waters drown their home in an ink-coloured sea. The woman slips and disappears. Only her hair remains, and it is alive. It tells the tale of a disaster, unique and universal. It tells of losing and searching. It tells of the fear of the bizarre and otherness, and how to tame it.

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Concept and artistic direction: Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot

Drawings and paper design:  Claire Bardainne

Computer Design: Adrien Mondot

Choreographic performance: Dimitri Hatton and Satchie Noro

Sound design: Olivier Mellano

Computer development: Rémi Engel

Paper engineering: Eric Singelin

Script doctor: Marietta Ren

Administration: Marek Vuiton

Technical direction: Alexis Bergeron

Production and booking: Joanna Rieussec

Production: Delphine Teypaz, Margaux Fritsch

Mediation and production: Johanna Guerreiro


Production: Adrien M & Claire B

Este libro ha sido elaborado por la empresa Adrien M & Claire B y coproducido en Francia por LUX scène nationale de Valence, con la ayuda del fondo de apoyo [SCAN] Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Fue objeto de una campaña de recaudación de fondos en Kickstarter.

Ha recibido el Excellence en la división del Art division of the 2021 Japan Media Arts Festival y el Premio Individual en la categoría de Experiencia Interactiva para la 2020 CITIC Press Lightening Selection. También ha sido seleccionado para su presentación en el 2021 New Images Festival en París, en la división XR.

Publicado por:
Adrien M & Claire B
54 quai Saint-Vincent – 69001 Lyon – France
Depósito legal Febrero 2020
ISBN 978-2-9570029-0-0

Impreso en enero 2020 en Printing house Druka, Lithuania

Fotos: ©️ Adrien M & Claire B

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