Alex Augier: pr(—)

Saturday 24, 9 pm.
Teatro Jovellanos

This double session at Teatro Jovellanos will delight us with Alex Augier’s audiovisual performance pr (-), a site-specific version of his previous project p(O)st, in which the mapping of generative visuals in space is combined with new ways to perform live and an interface specifically programmed for the piece. The transversality of the performance is a beautiful illustration of how current artists emancipate themselves from traditional forms, going beyond the codes of known aesthetics.


Concepto, programación, música, visuales, diseño de interfaz : Alex Augier

Monome design: Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain

Produced by : Arcadi

Supported by : La Muse en Circuit


Alex Augier is an electronic musician based in Paris. His work focuses on digital aesthetics in a musical and transversal perspective, including sound and visual elements. These elements interact with the space and take mainly the form of singular audiovisual performances. Audiovisual works as a specific field of creation. He defends an overview of the creative process where design, programming and technology are an integral part of the artistic project. His works have been presented at international festivals including Ars Electronica (Linz/AT), Mutek (Buenos Aires/AR), L.E.V (Gijon/ES), Scopitone (Nantes/FR), Sonar (Barcelona/ES), Elektra (Montreal/CA), Media Ambition Tokyo (Tokyo/JP), Mapping (Geneva/CH), Todays Art (The Hague/NL), Nemo (Paris/FR), Sonica (Glasgow/UK), Open Source Art (Gdansk/PL), Multiplicidade (Rio/BR), Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athenes/GR).