Cruhda + Judith Adataberna

Audiovisual Performance

September 23, 6 pm & 10 pm

Sala Azcona, Cineteca / Matadero Madrid

Tickets 15€ (Double session with Scanner: Mass Observation Live AV)

Cruhda, musical project by Paula Gómez de Caso, presents at L.E.V. Matadero the work in progress of her second album.

Rooted in the landscapes and the knocks that make up her memory, this project takes one step further the themes she addressed in her first work. With La Alcarria region in Spain as one of her fundamental sceneries, the artist generates her soundscape through poetry, distortions, synthesizers, piano and clarinet, samplers and field sounds, water and brass slams. An alchemy between elements: fire and water, past and future, absences and presences, which will be evoked and conjured to open the paths of our imagination.

In this new project, her work will join once again the sound production of Avel and the incredible visual proposal of Judith Adataberna.


Cruhda is the musical project of Paula Gómez de Caso, an artist who lived the first years of her life in Meco with her father and sister, playing the clarinet in procession marches and pasodobles with the town’s municipal band. At the age of eighteen, she decided to leave the solitude of the Castilian steppe to study at the UAM. It will be here in Madrid where she begins her own musical and political path and where she meets the first companions with whom to fight in the street and artistically. Graduated in Philosophy, her artistic and musical work investigates issues such as emancipation, memory, mourning, death and sisterhood.

She has participated in collectives such as Vaciador 34 and Nosaltres and has been part of postpunk and electronic bands such as Yocasta, Difunta Calva or Crin Aeris. In 2019, the first EP by Cruhda, Íbera Morte, was released in physical format by the label Humo (2020). She has recently played in places such as Ithaka Festival, CANS, Sala Siroco, Continuo, Hybrid Art Fair, Eufonic Festival, Link, ETOPIA (Zaragoza’s art and technology museum) or the Reina Sofía museum.


Judith Adataberna is a visual artist who has developed her imagination through experimental cinema, photography and video-installation. Trained in Fine Arts, she completed her studies with a scholarship from the Master-Lav experimental film laboratory (Madrid). From sailor parents, she spent most of her childhood on top of a tray of oysters, developing a great observation for nature and its phenomenology. Her interest in psychology and the mysteries of consciousness have been key to formulating simulative works in which she defies scales and thresholds of perception.

Her concern for survival mechanisms and technological evolution has made her ask question human uprooting with nature. This vision has been explored in films such as El espectrorium, Parpadeo, Glimpses in the Devil’s eye or Inside the Microtubule. Her work has been seen in film festivals such as Curtocircuito, Filmadrid, Intersección or galleries and venues such as Sim Gallery (Reykjavik), Venice Art Projects, Hybrid Art Fair (Madrid), ETOPIA Museum of Art and Technology in Zaragoza.