Fabito Rychter & Amir Admoni: Gravity VR

VORTEX. Virtual Reality Experiences and VR Cinema

September 23-26

Nave 0 / Matadero Madrid

Tickets 15€ (Includes access to all Virtual Reality experiences of the festival)

Virtual reality activities are not recommended for children under 13

Gravity VR is a wild ride through a chaotic world. An emotional and thrilling journey in a surreal universe with no ground beneath your feet, where you will follow the last moments of two old brothers while free falling for 15 minutes. A parable, a fable, an interactive experience, that feels like floating in zero gravity.

Amir Admoni and Fabito Rychter have been working together for the last 10 years. The partnership yielded movies, TV shows and plays that share their signature style: strong visuals and peculiar stories. Their work has collected 71 international awards and travelled to more than 120 festivals. Gravity is their first virtual reality project together.


Written and Directed by Fabito Rychter & Amir Admoni
Lead Programming: Owen Svelmoe
Narrator: Peter Baker (inglés), Mauro Rychter (portugués)
Art Direction: Amir Admoni
Mocap: Fabio Rychter
Hair and Grooming: Jeniffer Blômeke


Rigging: Adeel Afzal, Daniel Bim
Character Modeling: Natan Zuanaci
Music and sound effects: Fabio Rychter
Main contributions: Murilo Camargo Pereira, Daniel Sasso, Marco Antonio Salas Castañeda, Luis Guillermo Butron Quispe