François Vautier: Recoding Entropia

VORTEX. Virtual Reality Experiences and VR Cinema

September 23-26

Nave 0 / Matadero Madrid

Tickets 15€ (Includes access to all Virtual Reality experiences of the festival)

Virtual reality activities are not recommended for children under 13

In the heart of spatial void, an imposing geometric form wanders in the horizon of infinite space. It is a huge tetrahedron, that will soon break apart, scattering its pieces in the emptiness, delivering a mysterious message as its shape changes.

Following I Saw the Future, which decrypted the predictions of Arthur C. Clarke in an artificial field, and Odyssey 1.4.9, designed as a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001, A Space Odyssey, Recoding Entropia is the new opus of a VR anthology devoted to evolution.

Extending his cycle of experiments, François Vautier intends this time to offer a complete and rare immersion into an infinite and dizzying environment. Playing with materials, their interactions as well as scale relationships, he takes us to the heart of twilight poetry in a captivating story.

The film is an incentive to travel. A sensitive and visual journey, both physical and cerebral. A reflection on the imaginary and human life. Beyond the immersive techniques and the film-making features, everything is done to make the spectator live an incredible journey in which he will be able to introspectively question his intimate relationship to space and time, and his place in the universe, both real and fantasized.


Director: François Vautier
Production: Da Prod (Jeremy Sahel)
Running Time: 8’
Country: France
Screenplay: François Vautier
Cinematographer: François Vautier


Music: Pascal Bantz
Sound design: Pascal Bantz
Consulting writer: Franck Richard
Post-production supervisor: Fred Bellaiche
Line producer: Cyril Gautier
FX Studio: Small Creative de MacGuff