Jeanne Susplugas: I will sleep when I’m dead

VORTEX. Virtual Reality Experiences and VR Cinema

September 23-26

Nave 0 / Matadero Madrid

Tickets 15€ (Includes access to all Virtual Reality experiences of the festival)

Virtual Reality activities are not recommended for children under 13

I will sleep when I’m dead by Jeanne Susplugas is a dive into the brain, a navigation by sight amongst neurons and synapses. The visitor gets lost in an infinite maze and crosses paths with «thoughts» materialized by drawings looking like pictograms. Submerged in the brain, tortuous, sometimes foggy, the audience will have to follow, at their convenience several journeys related to their thoughts.

An intimate head to head, closely psychoanalytical, that introduces to an intense and a unique experience, different for every user.


Production: Bourse OrangeXR, CNC – DICRéAM, EDIS Fonds de dotation, Julie Miguirditchian, Notoryou, ON festival Arles, Plateformes Chroniques
Partners: VR Arles festival, Institut Français