Martin Messier: Impulse

Audiovisual installation

23-26 September

Plató de Cineteca / Matadero Madrid

Tickets 10€ (includes access to the complete circuit of four AV installations)

Audiovisual installation Impulse by Martin Messier proposes a poetic analogy with a technological twist to the functioning of the brain, in the form of the circulation of energy rendered visible by the paths of light travelling between one panel and the other.

Impulse is a suspended work of five juxtaposed parts. Each part is made up of two metal panels linked to each other by eight wires that light up in a computerized sound and light program. Keeping to the cerebral metaphor, the luminous influx spreads through the metallic structure, producing captive energy. The wires linking the panels act as the axons and the space in between as the synaptic gap.

The whole work creates an erratic and intermittent choreography that has an electrifying effect, amplifyng spectators’ sensorial systems. Not only is their vision engaged, but their hearing as well – thanks to the synchronization with sound – and, finally, their entire bodies through the effect of polysensorial propagation. In Impulse, the influx which normally responds to a stimulus encoded by the brain becomes a stimulus in itself.


For more than 15 years, Martin Messier has created works in which sound meets images and objects. In the form of performances and installations – with a choreographic tone – , these works place the body front and centre.

After studying composition at l’Université de Montréal, Martin began an experimental sound practice that integrated video images. He quickly developed performative audiovisual apparatuses that brought everyday objects and the sound potential of their various materials to the stage. He has carried out a large number of collaborative projects, with artists like Nicolas Bernier, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Anne Thériault, Jacques Poulin-Denis or Yro (Élie Blanchard). Presented in over 50 countries, Martin Messier’s productions have received a long list of awards and nominations in festivals and competitions all over the world.


Artistic director, audio and visual programming: Martin Messier
Technical design and fabrication: Thomas Payette, Maxime Bouchard (HUB Studio)
Electronic: Nathanaël Lécaudé


Technical helper: Laura-Rose Grenier, Dominique Hawry
Support: Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec