Karim Ben Khelifa: Seven Grams

Augmented reality experience
April 28 – May 1
Hall 1ª planta. Escuela de Comercio
Free Access

The 20th Anniversary edition of Arenas Movedizas, in synergy with L.E.V. Festival, presents the augmented reality and animation project Seven Grams directed by journalist Karim Ben Khelifa, which invites us to discover the true story of our smartphone, on our smartphone.

In a radically innovative way, we will discover the link between our smartphone and the often dramatic conditions in which the rare minerals needed to make it are extracted, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The total value of the mineral resources in the soil of the DRC is estimated at $24 000 billion. For more than 25 years, the Congo has been the scene of one of the deadliest conflicts since World War II, with nearly six million deaths. Meanwhile, other countries have become rich from the Congo’s wealth, due to the growing demand for minerals essential to the production of phones and other devices that have become part of our daily lives.

Loaded with social criticism and in an urgent call for solutions, Seven Grams tells you this story, putting the main technology companies in the spotlight and making us go back up the production chain of our smartphones to apprehend their human cost.

Rutime: 25 minutes
Language: English, French


Director: Karim Ben Khelifa
Produced by: Lucid Realities
Art Direction and 2D Animation: TT Hernandez
3D graphics and development: NOVELAB
Original Music and Sound Artistic Direction: Franck Weber