Martin Allais & Nico Casavecchia: Battlescar. Punk was invented by girls

Virtual reality experience
April 28-May 1
Espacio Joven. Escuela de Comercio
Free Access

The 20th Anniversary edition of Arenas Movedizas, in synergy with L.E.V. Festival, presents the virtual reality experience Battlescar. Punk was invented by girls, by visual artists and directors Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais. A coming-of-age drama that explores the theme of identity through the use of animation and immersive environments in VR.

Battlescar follows the story of Lupe, a Puertorican-American living in late 1970’s New York City. Her handwritten journal guides us through her experiences in 1978 as she meets Debbie, another runaway kid, in the cell of a juvenile detention centre. Debbie introduces Lupe to the punk scene of the Bowery and exposes her to the secret worlds coexisting in the Lower East Side in the late 1970’s. Helped by legendary musician Elda Stiletto, they form a punk band while escaping the grip of the Satan Sinners gang, chasing after them for stealing a member’s bike.

Rutime: 28 minutes
Language: English


Director: Martin Allais, Nico Casavecchia
Written by: Nico Casavecchia
Production: ATLAS V (Arnaud Colinart, Antoine Cayrol, Pierre Zandrowicz, Corentin Lambot), Fauns (Raphaël Penasa), 1stAveMachine (Andrew Geller), RYOT (Jake Sally), Arte France, Kaleidoscope
Sound Design & Original Music : Antfood