Playmodes: Espills (Espejos)

Audiovisual installation
28 April – 2 May
Capilla del Palacio de Revillagigedo
Free access

Espills is a solid light dynamic sculpture created by audiovisual research studio Playmodes. A generative AV installation built using laser beams, laser scanners and robotic mirrors, inspired by the different stages of crystalline formations.

A set of geometric figures that float in the air suggest, in an abstract way, the transmutation of matter from chaos to order. Dust becoming crystal, joined and packed in an orderly fashion to create a unitary structure, which will then be eroded to become sand again. Each visual representation of these stages integrates its own sound design through sonification algorithms that transform light into music, completing this alchemical landscape.

Espills is also a digital handicraft exercise. Most of the elements that make up the work, both hardware and software, have been designed and built by Playmodes studio: robotic mirrors, light drawing tools, laser modules, audio synthesizers, scenic media… In addition, the project remains as an ongoing research, and the piece hasn’t reached its final form yet. It will continue to evolve through future iterations until it reaches its maximum potential on the expressiveness.

This project arrives at L.E.V. Festival 2022 supported by the EDP Foundation, aligned with its values ​​of transformation and constant evolution to adapt to the urgent needs of our planet and society. Like the particles of crystals, we need to unite and work together to generate a change in which we are take part of, in which no one is left behind. Changing tomorrow now, towards a fairer and more sustainable energy system that puts people and the environment at the center.