Guillaumit: Livelyyy

Augmented City. Urban experiences of Augmented Reality

From September 22, 2022 to January 2023
La Placita. Matadero
Free access

From Monday to Sunday: 9 am – 10 pm

Invited by Electroni[k], visual artist, illustrator and animated film director Guillaumit presents Livelyyy, an interactive mural work between graphic arts, augmented reality and video-game experience, that explores the theme of our relationship with the living and the environment.

The interactivity with the spectators materializes with a small game in augmented reality, deploying another facet of the narration. The animation in augmented reality offers a passage from the flat surface of the mural to a universe teeming in 3D, populated by a multiplicity of interdependent species; animals, insects, living organisms and microbes that form a fragile ecosystem.

Thus, thanks to augmented reality, our phone, like a microscope, will reveal the invisible and show us the hidden wealth of life hidden in the mural, inviting us to take care of this joyful whole.


Artistic direction, graphic design: Guillaumit
Music: Sylvain Quément (alias Gangpol)
Technical development: Alexandre Coirier

Livelyyy is a creation by Guillaumit, accompanied and produced by Electroni[k], in co-production with Amiens Métropole le Safran (Safra’Numériques Festival), Le Théâtre de l’Eclat (Noob Festival), the French Embassy in Singapore, and with the support the National Art Council (Voilah! & Arts in your Neighborhood Festival), of Le Tétris (Exhibit Festival) and the French Institut of Tokyo (Digital Choc Festival).