Workshop & Open talks: Sounds of immersion

September 23th and 24th
El Espacio, Nave 17. Matadero
Free activities with pre-registration

For this edition of L.E.V. Matadero, we reflect on the relationship between virtual spaces and experimental sound creation. Much has changed since Jaron Lanier developed The Sound of one Hand, which can be considered one of the first performances made in virtual reality in the early nineties of the last century. However, sound stays as a key element in any immersive experience.

Contemporary and experimental audiovisual creation processes often break down boundaries between formats, thereby exploring new layers of meaning and uncovering new possibilities for the listening. For this reason, within the activities programmed at the festival and in collaboration with Medialab Matadero, we have on one hand, Thomas Aussenac and Arthur Vincent from Sound Object, who will give a workshop on sound design for extended realities, and on the other, a series of presentations by some of the artists taking part on the festival, who will tell us about their creative processes in virtual and immersive sound environments.

Following similar events organised in previous editions of the festival dedicated to communities and working groups with an interest in extended reality that began with Planet L.E.V. Matadero, we would like to invite students and professionals related to extended realities and virtual environments development, or simply those curious about these creative tools in digital contexts to register for both the workshop and the talks.


Friday September 23th, from 17.30h to 20.30h.
Free pre-registration

In The Sound of Metaverse, we will rethink the importance of sound in immersive projects together with the Sound Object team. During the three-hour workshop, we will have the opportunity to learn both the artistic and technical fundamentals of immersive sound, and we will be able to delve into some of the projects developed by the studio. 

We will review the complete workflow of editing, mastering, spatializing, and compiling a virtual reality project template, which we can then navigate through the PICO Interactive headsets. Finally, for those attendees who have their own musical or sound projects that might be planning to be used on immersive environments, an open conversation space will be opened where these projects can be shown and friendly discussed about them. 

To take part on this workshop it is not necessary to have previous knowledge. As about the tools, we will be using Logic digital audio workstation and Ableton Live composing and sequencing tool. Anyone who wants to share their sound projects is invited to bring their own laptop to the workshop.


Saturday September 24th, from 11.30h to 14.30h.
Free pre-registration

To continue and to expand our proposal around sound design for immersive environments, we will have the opportunity to share with some of the artists participating in the festival their work processes, conceptualization, and approach to the creative use of technological tools in a series of presentations. 

Sometimes live audiovisual work is permeated by the experiences of immersive realities, giving rise to hybrid formats that share elements located between both aesthetic proposals. In these series of presentations, open to questions, we will have the opportunity to listen to Gregor Ladenhauf from the artistic duo Depart talking about the complex universe of The Subject Changes, also to Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez presenting the work behind the gigantic  Spin, and to Noneye and Meuko! Meuko!, that will help us to give context to the futuristic approach of Invisible General. 


11.30h Opening

12.00h Initial introduction by Jesús Jara López

12.30h Gregor Ladenhauf (Depart)

13.00h Lucas Gutierrez & Robert Lippok

13.30h Noneye & Meuko! Meuko!

14.00h Q&A

chair: Jesús Jara López

Language note: The presentation by Gregor Ladenhauf and Lucas Gutierrez & Robert Lippok will be in English, while the presentation by Noneye & Meuko! Meuko! will be in Taiwanese with live translation into Spanish.