Boris Divider: Spheral.Cluster

LEV XRmass presents the online opening of a new artistic installation by Boris Divider, located at the virtual universe Planet LEV.

Spheral.cluster is an exclusive audiovisual installation for domes, created by Boris Divider with the collaboration of LEV Festival, designed to be projected on a virtual dome environment via VR technology, but also suitable for a real dome or planetarium event.

In its development process, every visual piece was being triggered in real-time combined with all the sound material, letting the artist create a full improvised and unique arrange for this exclusive installation, where all audiovisual layers are interlinked and mixed together. In fact, this installation is a selection of several pieces arranged for this event from the main AV live “spheral.dome”. The artistic concept is fully related to the musical composition generated by the artist’s own performance, between elements and tracks from the original soundtrack.

The visual result is an experience of textures made of basic shapes that become complex when the different visual components are mixed with the sound pattern architectures, making the audience feel inside a fully alive element.

About Boris Divider:

Boris Divider is the stage name for Boris Sáez, was born in Madrid in 1975. His works, focused on electronic and electroacoustic sequential music, are an essential pillar to understand the trajectory of this musician, producer and visual composer who, after devoting more than a decade to club electronic music and becoming a benchmark for international standing in the electro-techno scene, has been transforming and consolidating an execution and a theme that is closer to audiovisual installation and audio and video synchronism.

Boris Divider’s audiovisual performances during the last years include events such as MiRA Festival 2015, La Casa Encendida, Mugako at (Artium) Vasque Museum of Contemporary Art, Volumens 2015 at Museu Valenciá de la Il-lustració i la Modernitat, (MEH) Museum of Human Evolution, Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.