Robert Lippok & Lucas Gutierrez: Spin

With their new work SPIN, visual artist Lucas Gutierrez and composer Robert Lippok conduct their interdisciplinary research in the fields of time, nature and technology.

The terms Physis / φύσις (nature) and Téchne / τέχνη (art and craft), as used by Aristotle in his treatise Physics, became a trigger point for the development of this audio-visual installation: “The critical distinction between art and nature concerns their different efficient causes: nature is its own source of motion, whereas techne always requires a source of motion outside itself.”

Within its two rings, SPIN creates a meditation space where sounds of nature and civilization meet, and chaos, silence, wildness, peace, evolution and disaster are in constant motion.

Lucas Guiterrez

Lucas Gutierrez is a digital artist and industrial designer based in Berlin. He has been engaged in various disciplines, from lectures, workshops and audio- visual performances to video art projects focused on the new paradigms of digital culture. Deeply involved in the remix culture and real time AV projects in which he blends influences of different contexts – from post-work anthropology to the abstract quotes from 3D modeling for industrial design. His narrative is often quoting current social fears and dystopias, but mostly using the language of colorful, chaotic metaphysics.

His most recent talks and performances were in Sonar+D and MUTEK (Argentina/Mexico), ZKM – Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, NYU Berlin, exhibitions at The New Infinity | Berliner Festspiele | Immersion, XS Gallery (Poland), Aperto Raum and CTM / transmediale (Berlin, Germany).

Robert Lippok

Robert Lippok’s work in music and sound channels the rawness of his East German industrial and dissident punk and postpunk roots in both East and reunified Berlin (as cofounder of the bands Ornament und Verbrechen and To Rococo Rot).

Pouring that molten energy into his solo work, he has produced a body of music that engineers that force into an array of architectural forms. 2018’s critically acclaimed full-length “Applied Autonomy” (Raster Media) follows 2011’s “Redsuperstructure” (RasterNoton), and builds on collaborations with musician Klara Lewis (at a residency at EMS studio in Stockholm) and visual contributions by Lucas Gutierrez.

Lippok has also been relied upon as a spontaneous and inventive live music and audiovisual performer. That includes appearances at festivals like MUTEK, Unsound, L.E.V, GAMMA Festival St. Petersburg, at Berghain and Funkhaus Berlin, work with the 4DSOUND spatial audio system, collaborations with Doug Aitken at Serpentine Gallery London, choreographer Constanza Mac- ras at Akademie der Künste Berlin, German architect Arno Brandlhuber at NBK Berlin.