Shoeg Ecosystems @ORBIT

As part of LEV XRmass edition, artist Carlos Martorell (known as Shoeg), launches the new online exhibition ‘Ecosystems @ ORBIT’, which can be visited on the floating platforms located at the orbit of digital world Planet LEV.

The exhibition is made up of a series of virtual spaces created from low-resolution 3D scans of natural elements. Midway between simulation and abstraction, the artist proposes reconstructions that remind us of the planets of No Man’s Sky and the jungles of Rousseau, without the intention of reproducing the coherence inherent in the natural organization and with a strong enigmatic charge.

The low-resolution aesthetics, glitches, texture filtering and specular waters propose other mental spaces as opposed to the pristine CGI HD results of current modeling and rendering software, as well as next-generation consoles.

‘Ecosystems’ started out during the first wave of COVID with a series of renders ( ), studies and aesthetic experiments on the possibilities of Unity as a collage tool, and continues in ‘EXTERNAL SKIN ‘, ( ) contemplative pieces that propose environments of a fictional RPG, exploring the possibilities of 1 Hour Extended’ Youtube clips.

About Carlos Martorell:
The project of sound and visual artist Carlos Martorell, Shoeg, affects the symbiotic relationship between the individual and technology. With the latter, he experiments (recycles it and develops new tools) to create different perceptions of reality where movement, image and sound are interrelated.

Shoeg’s visual discourse (which has several albums and published EPs) has its origin in virtual worlds that are based on 3D scans and video game engines like Unity.