Madrid, September 13, 2021

L.E.V. Matadero, Festival of Visual Electronica and Immersive Experiences, presents its complete line-up, adding new works of virtual reality and a space for experimentation in digital environments

  • L.E.V. Matadero, Festival of Visual Electronica and Immersive Experiences, comes back for its third year in September 23-26 in Matadero Madrid, to showcase new experiences in the fields of audiovisual creation, electronic music and digital art.
  • This new LEV will feature live shows again, with a line-up of concerts and audiovisual performances in Cineteca’s Sala Azcona, showcasing a roster of classic names plus new local and international talents such as Scanner, Grischa Lichtenberger, Zoe McPherson & Alessandra Leone, Lee Gamble & Clifford Sage, Varg²™ & Croatian Amor, Bromo, Cruhda &Judith Adataberna, and Ivanlovà & Álvaro Chior.
  • A new section dedicated to audiovisual installations will be hosted in different spaces of Cineteca and Naves del Español, including projects by such prestigious artists as Martin Messier (Canada), collectives Total Refusal and Tundra, and French duo Adrien M & Claire B.
  • Once more, Nave 0 will be the epicenter of the Festival’s Augmented Reality line-up with the VORTEX section, which will include performances by legendary English collective D-Fuse, founded by Mike Faulkner, artists Amir Admoni and Fabito Rychter, Boris Labbé, Shoeg, and the international collective Hyphen-Labs, plus the names already confirmed: Jakob Kudsk Steensen, Jeanne Susplugas, Lauren Moffatt, and Francois Vautier.
  • A collaboration with Medialab included in Planet LEV Matadero, this new VORTEX will create a meeting point of experimentation for artists and collectives who work in the field of virtual reality. The participants will be able to discover different systems of interaction in digital environments.
  • At the open air space in Matadero, the section Ciudad Aumentada (Augmented City) will feature the experience Fauna by Adrien M & Claire B and the collective of designers Brest Brest Brest. Using an Augmented Reality app, Fauna will reveal the wild life hidden inside the walls of the center of contemporary creation.
  • Another new addition, featured in the official image of this new L.E.V., is the collaborative work of Lola Zoido and Geray Mena: a filter in augmented reality which explores the selfie phenomenon from the point of view of visual arts and technology, available soon for all followers of L.E.V. Festival and Matadero Madrid’s Instagrams.
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New artitst in VORTEX: Virtual Reality and VR Cinema Experiences

Since the first L.E.V. Matadero, VORTEX section at Nave 0 collects some of the most surprising and groundbreaking current works in the field of Virtual Reality and VR Cinema. At this new L.E.V. we will have the chance to know firsthand the Virtual Reality works created in recent years by the outstanding collective of English visual artists D-FUSE, founded by Mike Faulkner, with the world premiere of two new pieces: Intersection, a psychogeographic influenced tour of the city of London, a collaboration with Observatory; and Endeka, an experiment in virtual reality reusing and remixing 2D elements of one of D-Fuse’s first animations, now in a 3D environment.

The international, multidisciplinar collective Hyphen-Labs will showcase their work NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism, a transmedia exploration from the point of view of product design, upcoming technologies, cognitive research and transhumanism, telling a story set in a possible future, inside a neurocosmetic laboratory where black women are pioneers in brain optimization and cognitive improvement techniques.

Also in the VORTEX section, artists Amir Admoni and Fabito Rychter will showcase their work Gravity VR, a wild and emotional journey through a chaotic world. 15 minutes of free fall and without a ground under our feet, where we will follow the last moments in the life of two brothers. At the main screen at Nave 0 we will enjoy La Chute, by audiovisual artist Boris Labbé. This piece, which has received more than twenty awards from notorious festivals and competitions around the world, features some celestial beings that come down to Earth to disturb the world order.

The audience will also be able to VR explore the universe Planet LEV Matadero, an artistic virtual experience created by Children of Cyberspace and produced by Matadero Madrid and L.E.V. The floating platforms in its orbit will host Ecosystems @ORBIT, an exhibition by sound and visual artist Shoeg (Carlos Martorell).A series of virtual spaces created out of low resolution 3D scans of natural elements, halfway between simulation and abstraction.

Aquaphobia, by renowned multidisciplinar artist ​​Jakob Kudsk Steensen, I will sleep when i’m dead by Jeanne Susplugas, Of hybrids and strings by Valencia-based Australian artist Lauren Moffatt, and Recoding Entropia by Francois Vautier, conform the line-up of this section for L.E.V Matadero 2021.

Open Studio Ways Of InteXRaction: Planet L.E.V. Matadero and Medialab

Inside Planet LEV Matadero, this new L.E.V. will create a space in collaboration with the laboratory of cultural innovation Medialab Prado to reflect on how we live in digital worlds, and the creative possibilities provided by these environments. During the festival, the attendees at the open studio Ways Of InteXRaction, located at Matadero’s Workshop, will discover first-hand several systems of interaction and technological tools as the Kinect camera, the Oculus Quest glasses, the tracking system HTC or the Chordata system, recently developed in Barcelona. Registration for this activity is available on Medialab Prado’s website, following this link.

This space will also serve as a meeting point of dialogue and experimentation for collectives and artists working in this field, in order to share outlooks and expertise which afterwards will be broadcast for the general audience at L.E.V’s online channels. One of these artists is researcher and fashion designer Eva Iszoro, whose pattern work Accidental Cutting explores the possibilities of XR environments to create virtual fashion collections; or artists and researcher Julien Lomet, from INReV Paris 8 laboratory.

Lola Zoido and Geray Mena: Exploration in Augmented Reality of the Selfie Phenomenon

The official image of this new L.E.V. Matadero turns into a work of art featured in the Festival. Digital artist Lola Zoido has created a filter in augmented reality, available soon for all followers of L.E.V. Festival and Matadero Madrid’s Instagrams, in order to explore the selfie phenomenon from an artistic and technological point of view. A hybrid work created to combine visual and digital art, decorative arts and new technologies, whose aim is to experiment and reflect on the new trend of using filters in social media.

L.E.V. Matadero

Festival of Visual Electronica and Immersive Experiences
September 23-26 2021
Matadero Madrid
Music shows and audiovisual performances: Sala Azcona (Cineteca Madrid)

Installations: Archivo y Plató (Cineteca), Sala de Madera y Sala de Hormigón (Naves del Español en Matadero)

VORTEX: Nave 0
Ciudad Aumentada: Placita 
Planet LEV Matadero: Taller

Consulta la programación completa aquí.

Organized by: Matadero Madrid
In collaboration with: Cineteca Madrid
Direction: L.E.V.

With the support of: Goethe Institut, Embajada de Canadá en España, Oficina de Québec en Barcelona, Foro Cultural de Austria, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, EMAP – European Media Art Platform (co-fundada por Creative Europe)
Medios asociados: Radio 3, Metal Magazine, NEO 2

Photography: Geray Mena
3D Artist: Lola Zoido
Post-production: Sauvage tv
Creative director: Mario Cano