Lucas Paris: AntiVolume IN/EXT

Lucas Paris


AntiVolume is an immersion in a synesthetic space of timbre and colour. This version, IN/EXT, explores movements and dynamics between interior and exterior.

In this series of performances, the audience is in the presence of a volatile and energetic sculpture, made of sound and light. Resulting from an algorithmic research, it is sculpted in realtime by the artist’s improvisation. Four columns of light occupy the performance space. The audience is immersed in this work and perceives it as a physical and textural experience.

This work is in constant evolution. In part improvised, each performance is unique and reflects the venue and the audience. Lucas Paris draws inspiration from the vast vocabulary of electronic music: noise, ambient, IDM, EDM… These references are reinterpreted through a strong musical character and personal fantasy.

Lucas Paris has been working with realtime sound and visuals and has been building digital instruments and software for more then ten years. His research, applied to audiovisual performances, focuses on engaging the audience with content and scenography that are multi-sensory, immersive and emotional. Finding new forms of digital performance is at the core of his artistic approach. The artist sees synthesis, in it’s many forms, as his medium, and cultivates his relationship to it through design, interaction and improvisation.

His projects have been touring internationally since 2017. He performed at several MUTEKs (Spain 2018, Montreal 2017/2016, and Mexico 2017), Mapping Festival 2018, B39 in Korea, Mirage Festival 2018, Stereolux 2017, Akousma 2016, the BIAN 2014/2016, and at the TIES 2015.

He has been in residence at Eastern Bloc Montreal, VYV corporation and Recto-Verso Québec. He is an invited artist in residency at Concordia University’s Milieux Institute, and is a member of the Perte de Signal artist center.

He studied digital music and digital instrument making at Université de Montréal.



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