Marc Meliá

Marc Meliá

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Marc Melià is a Majorca born composer and musician who currently lives in Brussels.

For the last ten years he has been composing, producing and playing music in several bands including the pan-european trio Lonely Drifter Karen among them with whom he released 3 albums on the Belgium label Crammed Discs.

Music For Prophet, his first solo album, it’s part of the new born tradition of the repetitive music composed by sensitive robots for the humans of tomorrow. The protagonist of the album, from where all the mystical loops, giant statues of arpeggios and the big variety of electronic landscapes post-Kraftwerk are born it’s called Prophet 08, an already mythical synthesizer.

With Music For Prophet, Marc Melià proposes a performance where, unlike the vast majority of live electronic music acts, each song is crafted by hand at every concert without the use of prerecorded sequences. Marc Melià y naturalises what is synthetic, humanises what is robotic and looks for the beauty in sounds that by nature are cold and emotionless.

In the album there is a dichotomy between the will of being real and the impossibility of escaping it’s artificial nature, as when Rachael becomes aware that she is a replica, not human in 1982’s film Blade Runner.

He has performed in recent editions of Belgium festivals Deep in the Woods, Leffingeleuren, Les Nuits Botanique, Theather aan zee or Microfestival and he has opened for artists like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Chasol, Anna Meredith or François and the Atlas Mountains. He has also remixed songs for Girls in Hawaii, Haring, O and François and the Atlas Mountains.



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