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BABii produces incredibly forward-thinking electro tinged pop/R&B which features skittering beats and incredibly thick, layered synths with heavy bass with a semi industrial feel to them. The lyrics are dark, yet the vocals are sweet and despite its incredible pop hooks the whole LP drips with a sentiment of loss and abandonment. BABii wowed SXSW this year playing 7 shows in 5 days and being compared to everyone from Grimes to FKA Twigs and while those comparisons give you a jumping off point, they also feel lazy as BABii definitely inhabits her own unique world.

“This is a very smart record, and one that bears repeated listening. The emotional maturity and frank lyricism shine through the electronic sounds and idiosyncrasy of her style.” – The Quietus

“Existing in some hinterland between our zone and some fantastical ice-covered elsewhere, it’s equal parts innocence, heart break and joy.” – 8.5/10, DJ Mag

“Her high-concept, DIY approach reveals a strength of vision that’s all her own.” – 8/10, The Line of Best Fit

“Cold, slightly industrial yet saccharine sweet synth-pop.” – DIY

Setting foot in BABii’s sonic world feels at once like being in a shimmering dream-state and an ominous, nightmarish realm. There’s a sweetness and serenity intertwined with bristling, spectral entities that glide throughout BABii’s creations.” – London In Stereo

“BABii’s talent shines strongest in the more introspective moments, like when her fragile vocals beautifully meld with chilly electro on ‘CARNiiVORE’.” – 7/10, Loud and Quiet

“BABii strives for a different kind of electro-pop perfection, each track weeping with an ache that suggests life experience beyond her years. ‘HiiDE’ is magnificent.” – 5/5, NARC

“‘SYMMETRii’’s splintered-glass percussion, the dubstep-like bass drones of Sherwood co-production ‘PHANTOM’ and ‘POiiSON’’s glacial rave stabs capture a genuine talent in the process of realising its own potential.” – 4/5, Q Magazine



Plaza Matadero

Saturday 19