end(0) VR

end(O) VR. Alba G. Corral & Alex Augier

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end(O) – VR is a virtual immersive installation by visual artist Alba G. Corral and musician Alex Augier.

It merges the aesthetics and technical researches of both artists into a transversal and coherent artistic proposal, focusing on what turns out to be an original and hypermedia-specific pathway. Sound, image, space and time fuse perfectly into a formally unique synesthetic entity: poetic hypermedia, oníric and organic, deployed in an immersive space.

Alba G. Corral is a Visual Artist and creative coder based in Barcelona. With a background in computer engineering, Corral has been creating generative art using software and coding for the past decade. Her practice spans across live performance, video, digital media and installation, exploring abstract narratives and expressing sensitivity and taste for colour.

Alex Augier is an electronic musician based in Paris. His work focuses on hybrid digital aesthetics in a musical and transversal perspective, including sound and visual elements. These elements interact with the space and take mainly the form of singular audiovisual performances. He defends an overview of the creative process where design, programming and technology are an integral part of the artistic project.



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