James Ferraro

James Ferraro: Requiem for Recycled Earth w/ visuals by Maotik 


At L.E.V. MATADERO, Ferraro will premiere a piece of a generative music composition inspired by Requiem for Recycled Earth, the first of the four parts that compose his great epic work Four Pieces of Mirai. The artist builds a philosophical allegory about the decline of civilization, and shows us a dystopian, frightening present under the cloak of a poetic, contemplative music score.

A generative music system, performed with the live accompaniment of flute and oboe, in an audiovisual format thanks to the collaboration between Ferraro and digital artist Maotik, which has been written specifically to be felt and heard through the Soundscape sound system installed in Nave 16.

James Ferraro is an American composer/musician from New York based in Germany. His music, primarily studio albums, is known for exploring a variety of subjects that can be grouped under the umbrella of post-9/11 world order theory. Ferraro began his career in the early 2000s as a member of the Californian drone/noise duo The Skaters with Spencer Clark, after which he began focusing on solo work under his name and a wide variety of aliases.

Ferraro received wider recognition in 2011 when his polarizing dystopian classic Far Side Virtual was chosen as Album of the Year by The Wire. His music is known for uniquely expressing specific modern subjects, incorporating themes of 21st century consumerism, cybernetics, emaciation, social experience, hyperreality, ecological disaster, and the collapse of civilization.



Nave 16

Friday 18

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