Marta Verde

Marta Verde


Marta Verde Visual artist and creative programmer, a graduate in Fine Arts specialized in Media Arts and Digital Technologies Applied to Performance Arts. Fab Academy Program specialized in digital production.

She develops visuals, interactive and generative graphics, customized electronic devices, wearables and interactive installations for musicians and theatre and dance companies, artists, designers, institutions, advertisements or lighting studies; always searching for the fusion of arts, creativity and technology.

Her works are created with customized and specific software or hardware for each visual system, allowing her to modify all the contents in real time, and to explore the limits of visual noise, repetition and the connections between organic and electronic elements.

She has performed in festivals such as Primavera Sound, MIRA, WOS, Sonic Arts Waterford, Nos Em D´Bandada, Seminci, Luz y Vanguardias, Keroxen, Trendelenburg, Dual Club, Transdisciplina, Suena Conde Duque…



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