Near Dante Experience – Laura Mannelli (lA) & Gérard Hourbette (Art Zoyd)

Near Dante Experience

Laura Mannelli (lA) & Gérard Hourbette (Art Zoyd)

Fr / Lu

Near Dante Experience offers an immersion inspired by a 14th-century poem, the «Divine Comedy» written by Dante Alighieri. «Lasciate Ogni Speranza voi che entrate» (Abandon all hope, you who enter here), this old Italian saying that precedes the door of hell of Dante’s hell invites you to engage in a soundscape. A world outside of all worlds. An ecstatic elsewhere that can not be located. One of the the supra mundane world of Dante’s poem. Immerged in a world of darkness, you can only go through following an intense light. The project’s title refers to the phenomenon of « near-death experiences » : NDE. One of the experiences induced by these states is the feeling of leaving one’s body and seeing a bright light. We must not be afraid to move forward and go through the dark path to reach the light. And in the darkness, where the vision is lost, the electroacoustic composition envelops us, thwart our perceptions and blurs the path. The Divine Comedy is above all an allegorical journey populated by supernatural, mythological or monstrous beings. Will you go through ?

Featuring Artistic Collaborations from
Laura Mannelli & Gérard Hourbette (Art Zoyd)

A collaborative project by: Gérard Hourbette (Art Zoyd), composer, electroacoustic composition, musical art direction, Laura Mannelli, digital artist and architect, VR artisitc direction, narrative and set design direction, Frederick Thompson, CTO and immersive designer, virtual world immesive design and production, Oudom Southammavong & Jeffrey Gerbe, music computing director and binaural development. With the participation of Marc Freymuth, script developer.

A co-production by: Art Zoyd Studios & Laura Mannelli (lA)

Partnerships: Rubika – Valenciennes, Jean Monnet University in Saint Étienne – Master Rim and Ran

Supported by: fonds stART-up de l’Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Drac Hauts
de France, Région Hauts de France, Valenciennes Métropole, Ville de Valenciennes, Sacem, Pictanovo



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