Numerica. Julien Lomet


Numerica is an artwork in to pieces. First, it’s a photographic-painting of a Dutch trompe-l’oeil from the 17th century, created with actual objects and technologies. Secondly, it’s a virtual environment where the viewer travel in the room of the trompe-l’oeil. With his hands, he can tuch the objects, create music and landscape, making his own painting with his body. But everything is illusion, everything is virtual.

Julien Lomet is a French student in Arts at the University of Rennes 2. He spent his first three years discovering photography, oil painting and classical philosophy, playing with food and still lifes.
For his Master of research in Arts, he worked on the still life with numerical photography and more specificly on the Dutch trompe-l’oeil from the 17th century. His work is a mixed between classical painting from the Italian and Dutch Renaissance, and numerical technologies, like virtual reality, photo editing softwares, video… He tries to give to spectators and viewers pleasant sensations, like a little travel which permit to forget everyday life during 10 minutes.




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